About Your Transition Team

The Transition Team was appointed by The Parish Committee in the fall of 2018 with input from both the Parish Committee and Jenny Rankin, our Interim Minister. The team consists of seven (7) members; the co-chairs of the team were determined by a vote of the team members themselves. The team is make up of church members; young, old, new(er), long timer, male, female, working and retired.

  • Gina Halsted – Co Chair
  • Chris Hamilton
  • Kathy Huber
  • Ken Hurd
  • Elizabeth Robbat Kelly
  • R.L. Smith – Co Chair
  • Liz Wilkinson

The Team will perform the bulk of it’s work during the first phase of the process to find a new minister. Their primary work is to both prepare the congregation for the arrival of a new minister and create the written profiles our two denominations, The Unitarian Universalist Association and The United Church of Christ, will require from us. Once the profiles have been created, the Transition Team will hand off the process of finding and interviewing prospective ministerial candidates to a Search Committee that will be formed in the spring of 2020. The Transition Team will continue working with the congregation to strengthen our church while the search is underway.