Five Focus Points of an Interim Period

As we travel through our interim period, we will be discussing and reflecting on all five areas represented above. Until we have a firm grasp of the answers to these questions, it would be unwise to undertake a search process. Finding the answers to these searching questions is one of the reasons we have chosen to have our interim period Read More …

Summary of Findings: FPL Leadership Retreat – January 26, 2019

The Transition Team hosted an off-site Retreat for 30 some odd leaders from various FPL committess. Invitees included The Transition Team, Parish Committee, Deacons and the Chairs of all major committees. An email summarizing the findings of the Leadership Retreat was published on March 7, 2019

Report Back on Findings from January’s Listening Circles now available

Members of The Transition Team give a presentation on what was heard during the 12 Listening Circles held during the month of January. A hard copy report titled “Transition Team Listening Circles Report – March 3, 2019” was also prepared and is now available to the public.